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Together with the "Return Alive" fund and Dmytro Antonov (pilot of the "Mriya" plane), we decided to help with military equipment and purchase 2 planes and ground stations for the "Stork-100" UAV.

Part of the income from the sale of this model will go to the account of Dmytro Antonov, who is assembling the Leleka-100 UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. You can find detailed information about the collection here.

модель літака з підписом



Dmytro Antonov mainly flew on "Mria" - since 2002. Together they spent one and a half thousand hours in the air. They flew around the world several times. In recent years, masks, gowns and tests have been delivered, saving the world from attack of COVID-19.

Dmytro Antonov, crew commander and pilot of the world's largest An-225 "Mriya" aircraft.

Pilot Dmytro Antonov looks under the shelter, where the plane of his life, the unsurpassed "Dream", is standing. He does not dare to approach her for a good half hour. And further on the way are dozens of units of burned enemy armored vehicles, a cannon abandoned by the enemy, and hundreds of shells, mines, and even grenades everywhere.

Like a maimed big bird, the wings are down, the nose fairing is lying on the side, there is no part of the plane at all - it was completely burned out. But the pilot still greets his "Dream" as alive. "Well, hello, the plane, it's ... Yes, I thought the situation was a little better, there is no cockpit. There are 3 engines, there can be six engines," says the pilot.

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