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NAUPORT is a project created by graduates of the National Aviation University in 2017. In cooperation with Ukrainian manufacturers of aircraft models - NAUPORT is a manufacturer and supplier of aircraft models Antonov, Ilyushin, Tupolev, Aeropract.

NAUPORT offers:

- For collectors - retail sales of aircraft models on a scale from the brands NAUPORT, KUM, HERPA and other global manufacturers;

- For specialized stores - work in the B2B segment and small-scale production and sale of aircraft models on the scale of Antonov, Ilyushin, Tupolev, Aeroprakt;

- For airlines - production of gift options and branded aircraft models from "Snap-Fit" models for sale on board the aircraft to "Premium" class bench models.

Phone: +38 093 381 22 22 (whatsapp,telegram, viber)



Working hours: Monday-Friday - 09:00 to 19:30

                            Saturday - 10:00 to 14:30

                            Sunday - closed

Legal address: 03058, Kiev, Lubomira Huzara avenue, 1

Actual address: 03058, Kiev, Lubomira Huzara avenue, 1, building 8a (National Aviation University)

Legal entity: Limited Liability Company "TEST" (LLC "TEST")

USREOU code: 30930224

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